Gold, Black, and Deep Red Halloween Balloon Arch Kit with Cobwebs and Bats

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Turn your home into a haunted house! With gold and black bats, fans and confetti-filled balloons, this balloon garland contains all the accessories to create a spooky entrance to your Halloween Party.

The deep blood red, gold and black design will be the perfect addition to any Halloween theme. Your guests won't be able to look away - until they get spooked out! Use this arch to create a showstopping centerpiece or freaky photo backdrop for your spooky selfies.

Each kit contains 54 balloons in various colours, 12 bats and 3 spider fans :
5 x 12" clear latex balloons with gold skull confetti,
2 x 18", 12 x 12", 5 x 5" black balloons,
15 x 12", 5 x 5" deep red double stuffed balloons,
5 x 12", 5 x5" gold chrome balloons
2 x 9", 1 x 5" black spider web paper fans
3 x 20cm, 6 x 12cm black paper bats
2 x 20cm, 1 x 12cm gold foil paper bats
4m Clear twine, 4m Balloon Tape, 30 x Glue Dots, and 5 x paper clips for fans for assembly