Vegetable Surprise Balls

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These vegetable surprise balls are the perfect finishing touch to your Easter or Springtime table. Presented in a box shaped like a market stall vegetable crate, they each contain a paper party hat, a joke, two stickers, a vegetable-shaped eraser and a stylish friendship bracelet.

    • Each set includes 4 surprise balls in the shape of a carrot, radish, lettuce and tomato
    • They are wrapped in layers of colorful crepe paper
    • In the layers are 2 nature themed stickers, a joke and mint colored party hat
    • Inside each is a plastic ball (and a cardboard cone for the carrot), in which lies a vegetable shaped eraser (either a carrot, bell pepper, tomato or lettuce) and a fabulous pink or blue tone friendship bracelet
    • Suitable for ages 3+
    • Packaging made using sustainable FSC paper
    • Pack of 4 in 4 designs
    • Pack dimensions: 7.875 x 2.25 x 4 inches